The Covid gloom that’s pervaded our lives these last two years 
Jewellery continues to be a bright spark amidst 
While the industry has faced its fair share of woes thanks to lockdowns and travel restrictions, 
it seems that many of us are turning to jewellery – a satisfyingly forever purchase if ever there was one .
The need for our jewellery to spark joy is stronger than ever. 
Jewellery has always been an emotional purchase, but it seems we are keener than ever on saying who we are, with combinations of zodiac signs, birthstones and initials sprinkled liberally across our necks, ears and fingers. People want a talisman, something to hold onto that makes them feel safe in these uncertain times. 

Our mission: To love all the beautiful things in life, to deliver positive energy, to warm you like the sun, to light you up, to make you radiant, independent and confident with affordable jewelry.

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