Many people want to get into jewelry business

But how to look for a supplier?Visiting offline wholesale markets in person is not always practical

Now the trend is find online supplier

But don't know how to choose a good supplier

today we will share with our experience which  have been working in jewelry industry for 4 years.Last few suggestions are given-

❤️1: whether the supplier can provide the actual photo of the product

⭐ Note: live and display picture is needed.When we first started up

Photography really becomes a tough nut to crack

Need to choose picture style and their own aesthetic consistent suppliers

⚠️ P.S. you need to set up a circle of friends before you start business

Avoid adding friends when you're out of stock

At this point, you can use the supplier's picture as a base


❤️2: Whether the base price given by the supplier is cost-effective

⭐ Note: several samples with the same style can be compared

Comparison includes but is not limited to product details, polishing, price comparison, etc

⚠️ ps: Don't just look at the low prices, they are low for a reason

You must see the goods in detail and choose the supplier after careful comparison

Avoid a series of after-sales problems caused by choosing defective products at low prices


❤️3: Whether the supplier can provide good after-sales service

⭐ Note: including but not limited to return and exchange, loss of goods, etc

If you choose the sell non-refundable suppliers

All the goods damage or return cost should be charged from seller.Although the percentage of damage is not high

However, it is not a small expense-

✨ it would be great if the supplier could provide a replacement service

But many now do not

Being able to exchange means you can spend the same money

Have more new products can be on the new

But that doesn't mean you can change everything

Generally, 20%-30% return rate is supported

��� example: If you take 100 new items on the new

That is, 20 of them can be exchanged for other styles

That means you have 120 new items to add


The above three points are based on my four years of experience in the industry

Hopefully it is useful for you.