*Organic substances such as pearls/jades have natural growth lines or traces, which is a normal phenomenon. Due to different monitors and the influence of studio lighting, some chromatic aberration is inevitable.

 Basic Jewelry Care

The metal materials of our jewelry production are customized by reliable factories for long-term cooperation.

It is made of S925 sterling silver vacuum plated with 18k-22K real gold material, which has a longer service life than ordinary gold on the market.
As long as the jewelry is not the color of the product material itself, as long as the surface is plated with color, it must be carefully maintained.
So try to reduce wear and tear, and the second is to avoid contact with chemicals as much as possible.
such as perfume,essential oils, skin care oils, hand soaps, soaps, shower gels, sulfur, etc. These chemicals break down and corrode surface coatings.
Our shop marked silver earrings and necklaces are S925 silver
As long as you are not allergic to gold, you will not be allergic to our products, please buy with confidence.
Our jewelry is packaged in an antioxidant jewelry box. When not wearing, be sure to wipe it clean, put it in an airtight bag, and keep it away from air.
In principle, there is currently no material other than pure gold that can permanently fade. Jewelry is a consumable item that wears out and requires good maintenance.


 To buy pearls, you need to know the daily    knowledge.

Pearls are living natural and organic gemstones, and their growth conditions cannot be fully and effectively intervened by human beings,so they can't be truly flawless in the literal sense.

*Zero tolerance for flaws and perfectionists, please buy with caution
(Common defects are white spots, water marks, pits, bumps, etc.)
*The industry's flawless standard is: within 30-50cm without obvious flaws to the naked eye is flawless
Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors, each with a different luster, and we try our best to match them as much as possible when making finished jewelry,but not guaranteed to be exactly the same. We try to keep the color shade the same when selecting pearls, but since each pearl (non-artificial imitation) is different, it cannot achieve a 100% perfect matching rate, and there are minor flaws that do not affect the appearance.

◎The owner cares of degree determines jewelry's lifespan
It is recommended that you wear:
①Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or contact with hot water and chemicals (body wash, cosmetics, etc.)
It has a great influence on the luster of pearls, which will accelerate the yellowing and loss of luster.
② Avoid impact or friction with products with higher hardness, which will cause wear on the surface of the pearl
③ When not in use for a long time, please wipe it with a soft cloth and put it in a jewelry box/sealed bag for storage to avoid sweat stains on the surface