How to write those copywriting about jewelry?


When you  send  jewelry as a gift to a friend, use a beautiful letter and write the following words specially selected for you. 

The person who receives the gift will definitely feel, wow, the heart will melt


01 Starting from the jewelry category, 


tempered by time, is now engraved on the wrist.
The platinum vines meander, and the light flows between the wrists.
A little love, you know it on your wrist.

String "chain" every moment of heartbeat.
Just this moment, add flowers to your "neck".
The wind is blowing from the hair, and the ear is shining.
Carve a star, swaying by the ear with light.
Fingertip style, shining you and me.
Commitment is condensed at the fingertips, and love language is in the heart.
Lock your hand, bridge to my heart.
As time goes by, we should stay together forever.
The chest is full of flowers, and you are none other than you.
A little love in a square inch.
Take beauty with you.


02 Resonating romantic love
Help her put it on your hand and put her in your heart.
She is one in ten thousand, one in ten thousand.
Jewelry, orator of love.
There is a "lock" in the heart, and there is no end to love.
In the complex and turbulent modern times, there are endless flashes of love.
Unlimited love, just for you.
03 Show artistic beauty
Beautiful people, the details are always full marks.
In every move, my aesthetics are all interpreted by you.
Activate your beauty, starting from beauty accessories.
Girl, the story of you and beauty begins here.
Starlight, pearlescent light, time, all in sight.
04 Independent style
Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.
Perhaps, jewelry is only accessory, but never superfluous.
Always be elegant and beautify yourself.
Be your own protagonist and live an undefined life.
It can be sweet or sassy to help you be independent.
With a golden independent attitude, stick to the position of love in life.