Mother's Day, The Words About Mom

I know mom, she is still only 23 years old. I guess when my mother saw me for the first time, it must have been the most beautiful time in her life.

Just at that time I must have been crying, so forgot to see the most beautiful mother.


-- Lu Sihao, may someone accompany you from place to place


Mom is as old as you are now, because she became a mom when she gave birth to you. Mother humble as moss, solemn as the dawn, soft as the sound of water in the South, strong as a thousand years of cold jade. When I look up, she is hao Hao moon, when I hang my head, she is a wild earth.


-- Love, Mother


I cried the most forgetful twice.

Once, at the very beginning of my life,

Once, at the end of your life.


The first time, I won't remember,

I heard you say it.

The second time, you wouldn't know,

It doesn't matter what I say.


But between those two cries,

There was endless laughter.

Over and over and over again,

For 30 years,

You know it all. I remember it all.


-- Yu Guangzhong, This Life and This Life


They said that God could not be everywhere and so he made mothers. Even at her mother's age, she is still her patron saint. The word "mother" can touch a chord just by saying it.


-- Please Answer, 1988


For the first time in years, I realized that not only had there been my tracks everywhere in this garden, there had been my mother's footprints in every place where my tracks had been.


-- Shi Tiesheng, "I and the Altar of Earth"


Maybe mom is the only one in the world that we can ignore everything, regardless of any role image, we can restore the most true self of the person, restore in front of her, but we did not consider her feelings.


-- Dong Qing, The Reader


What was I doing before I was born

I answer

I'm up in the sky to pick my mother


See you

I think you're really nice

I want to be your son

I thought I might not have the luck


I didn't think

The next morning

I'm already inside you


-- Jules, Pick Your Mother


As we all know, the "home" mom wants to go back to is not just any home with a zip code that the postman can find. The "home" she wants to return to is not a space, but a time.


-- Long Yingtai, "Watching"